Welcome to the

Oregon Interfaith Hub

Who We Are

We are a mosaic of religious, spiritual, social, and cultural voices weaving a more inclusive INTERFAITH paradigm that reaches beyond the secular/religious divide into the realm of INTERPATH.

Our Cause

We create a world where love, compassion, healing, reconciliation, peace, and spiritual wisdom prevail.

Our Calling

We cultivate a mosaic of relationships and collaborations that generate transformative INTERFAITH and INTERPATH projects, events, services, and experiences


Interpath is akin to Interfaith but with a wider reach. It is a larger, radically inclusive paradigm of connection and collaboration where all people are valued, respected, treated with dignity and intimately linked via the human spirit to serve and contribute to the well-being of our World…

Current and Upcoming Events


Latest Past Events

21st Annual September 11th Interfaith Service!

First Christan Church 1166 Oak St, Eugene

On Sunday evening, September 11, 2022, the Oregon Interfaith Hub (formerly the Interfaith Prayer Service International) will be hosting its 21st annual September 11th Interfaith Service! We are very pleased... Read more »

“Inner Resilience in a Troubled World”

The Oregon Interfaith Hub is initiating a series of talking circles that offer the opportunity to share our truths and experiences, to practice deep listening, and to build spiritual community. This... Read more »