Checking In

Lately, I’ve been diving into appreciating life’s simpler things, much of which are readily and endlessly available. This fertile world is constantly pouring its eternal life energy into my midst through colors and music and laughter and life and death and wonder and gusts of wind and tears…so many tears.

Our personal and collective realities have been shaken to the core leaving so many of us teetering on edges of despair, fear, or survival. We stare into what clearly remains unfinished, unhealed, and unlearned personally and on planet Earth. Inner stability and resilience have become highly sought after during this global descent through a wilderness of painful and polarizing events.  

It is also true that the outworking of what remains unfinished, unhealed, and unlearned  reveals our edges of required growth and transformation. Oregon Interfaith Hub’s stated cause is “to create a world where love, compassion, healing, reconciliation, peace, and spiritual wisdom prevail.” This clearly states our organization’s edge of growth. It is to remain engaged with all our hearts, minds, souls, and strength in the spiritual and social mosaic of infinite possibilities for contributing to the well-being, healing, and emerging wisdom of our community and our World. This is a sacred act of love. To prevail is to stand on life’s edges, face our fears and join together with humble and persistent dedication to learn, teach, and embody the ageless wisdom of our cherished religious and spiritual traditions alongside the wealth of revelations from current science. 

What are you learning about your inner life? What are you letting go of? What is changing and transforming about you and your life? What is your greatest need? My greatest need is community.

Stay in touch…

Love Always,

Ed Conrad

OIFH Executive Director