Our Cause and Calling

Our Cause

We create a world where love, compassion, healing, reconciliation, peace, and spiritual wisdom prevail.

Our Calling

We cultivate a mosaic of relationships and collaborations that generate transformative INTERFAITH and INTERPATH projects, events, services, and experiences by:

– Listening More Deeply

– Acknowledging the Unity in our Diversity and the Interconnectedness of all things

– Forging Connections and Collaborations across divides

– Strengthening and Reinvigorating the local and regional Interfaith community

– Providing community gatherings and events that strengthen our bond with one another

– Inspiring the formation of an Interpath community which includes traditional Interfaith stakeholders as well as innovators, leaders, creative artists, and activists who contribute to the well-being of individuals, families, communities, and the planet (for more click here)

– Encouraging and inspiring the practice of the art of prayer and meditation

– Establishing a more inclusive community of relationships and support where all people are valued, respected, and treated with dignity

– Collaborating with those who explore the secular/religious divide who are searching for the sacred in everyday life

– Welcoming and embracing those in our midst who are healers, those in recovery, and caretakers of souls

– Addressing the spiritual needs and emerging social and ecological challenges of the 21st century in new ways

– Teaching practices which build inner resilience for navigating 21st century life


Interpath is akin to Interfaith but with a wider reach. It is a larger, radically inclusive paradigm of connection and collaboration where all people are valued, respected, treated with dignity and intimately linked via the human spirit to serve and contribute to the well-being of our World…

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